Landscape Painting Course (1)

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Saturday 22nd June, 2024
Wednesday 26th June, 2024
4 places out of 12 left

Landscape Painting Course (1)

Landscape Painting Course (1)

 June 22 – 26. (2024)

Located between the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons

View combining Brecon Beacons with Black Mountains


Landscape Painting Course (1)  runs for 5 days  from Saturday to Wednesday  You can attend  as many days as you wish, but it is recommended you come for a minimum of 2 to 3 days to get the most benefit.  This is a great opportunity for families or partners wanting to take a short break. Those who want to immerse themselves in painting from our beautiful surroundings can do so, while the rest of the family can choose from a wide  range of out door activities. (see “Locations” top bar)

Level: Intermediate and Advanced.  We do not do a beginners course as such,  but we do leave a couple of places on each course to accommodate novices. A lot can be learnt from  watching and being in the company of those who are more experienced.

Landscape Painting Course (1) will have two painting tutors, Myself Veronica Gibson plus  Prof James Goff who is a geologist.  On Saturday morning James will give you a guided tour of the area to explain the landscape its history and workings. He will take you to some of the best painting locations, all of which should inspire you. On the other mornings  the day will start with a review of the previous day’s work. In addition to this  time will be set aside for practical instructions  in  handling paint and drawing methods. This will will be in a group and for those who  would like to attend . The main group, as a whole , naturally spreads itself in various directions to their preferred locations. What tends to happen is  2 or 3 people choose the same location. Not only will instruction take place in the studio, but you will also be visited out in the field.

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Oil painting of woodland. Nature Reserve. Landscape Painting Course (1)

Oil Painting by Niel Bally

Niel Bally. Talgarth Nature Reserve


Painting "on the more " by Jo Munro Hunt


Painting on easel of the River Wye. Landscape Painting Course (1)

Painting the River Wye

Painting of double waterfall.

Painting by Caroline Pryce Mason

Waterfall Oil on canvas by Caroline Pryce Mason

Quarry Local Nature Reserve nearby art courses Wales

Oil painting by Judy Boyt

Judy  Local Quarry

Nature Reserves

There is no shortage of subject matter on the landscape painting course (1) . Within half a mile from the studio is a nature reserve called Pwll-y-Wrach. This is a 40 acre woodland site with a series of waterfalls ,tributaries and an old disused quarry. In addition to water as a theme,  5 miles away  is  Llangorse Lake , which is the largest natural lake in South Wales, and 3 miles in the other direction is the famous River Wye at Glasbury. Overlooking all this and very visible, are the Black Mountains with a continuous average ridge height of 2000ft

Photo of Waterfall pool with painting on easel nearby Art Courses Wales

Pwll-y-Wrach nature reserve.

Ways of working.

The emphasis and direction will be on  “plein air” methods, which means landscape painting and drawing  outside in the landscape. These works or  studies, ( including notes  and photographs)  can be used to  make  an independent  work in the studio. Constable and Turner were great exponents  of this approach and many have followed  since. In addition to this  inclement weather  is another  good reason why artists have been driven back to the studio. Alternatively you could work  entirely on the spot come rain or sunshine!

Everyone will have  space to work  and pin up work in the studio.The teaching will  start at 10am end at 5 pm, The studio will remain open for those who want to continue working to dusk. The late afternoon and evening light are some of the best times to experience  the landscape.

Red Sandstone in shallow water. nearby Art Courses Wales

Pigment on paper by `Beverly Thornley

Beverley Thornley. Nature Reserve


Quarry face in pastels.near Art Courses Wales

bt Caroline Pryce Mason

Caroline Pryce Mason. Quarry at Nature Reserve



Equipment – what to bring

Please contact Niel for advice about materials before you think of making an expensive outlay because there are materials available here for general use.  We have a certain amount of drawing  materials and paint . There are oils , gouaches, canvases, boards and paper.The studio has portable and studio  easels and drawing boards too.  We will send you a list of what to bring. If you are coming by car bring your own sketching easel if you have one.


Lunch  is a movable feast  and  served between 1 – 2pm . It is also  a welcome break  and time to  relax  and  seek some shade or shelter ,within the  house, studio or garden. The lunch is light  with some savouries, soups, salads and fruit, supplied by Gavin Kellett  Seating arrangements will be informal using the dinning room and the various tables and chairs in the garden and courtyard.We have a collection of parasols for the tables.

Refreshments. Coffees,teas and biscuits are freely available through out  the day. If you bring a thermo flask you can stock up with hot or cold drinks to take into the landscape. If you would like to bring your own food then there is a fridge and microwave in the studio.


This year the  fees have been increased by 10% to cover inflation and cost of living. Last year there was no increase from the year before.

£365 for 5  days . (£73 per day) .  A deposit of £125 (or £25 per day) is required to confirm a full booking.The balance of  5 days is £240 and payable by the 12th August, a month ahead of the course starting.

Level: Intermediate and advanced

Please visit our website gallery for more examples of  landscape work

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Photomontage Black Mountains waterfall in the foreground and Brecon Beacons in distance. Stormy skies

Photomontage of Black Mountains combined with Brecon Beacons