March 11th  – 13th  – 3 days

Portrait Painting Art Courses Wales

 Portrait Painting Course 1

The three day course combines painting and drawing. The class will have a maximum of 8 people. There will two models. One shared between four people which means everyone is able  to study the subject from a distance of at least 6ft. The models will swap places so you won’t end up painting/drawing from one person. Tuition is on an individual basis and the course is suitable for both beginners and the more advanced. The first day will concentrate on drawing with poses between 10 minutes and one hour. Day 2 will provide the opportunity to work for 5 hours from the subject and then on Day 3  a further five hours from the other sitter.


Portrait Painting Art Courses Wales


Materials. We have large sheets of paper, drawing materials and various paints and canvases in stock. You can use oil and gouache paints for £6 a day. Otherwise bring materials of your choice. The studio is fully equipped with  8 studio easels, work stations and drawing boards and clips

Art Courses Wales

Kitty Harri.

Booking& Fees.   Preference will be given to those booking for the full three days. There are a few places set aside for two days.

Level. All levels but a maximum of 3 beginners.


Art courses Wales

Caroline Pryce-Mason (pastel)

Caroline Pryce-Mason

Andy Thornley


We have decided not to increase the fees this year regardless of inflation projections of 10% – 15%. Instead we are going to make savings.

For the past few years we have outsourced our main courses to a caterer  and then Sue has prepared vegetables. salads, fruit and bread etc. Outsourcing comes at a considerable cost. We do not want to cancel lunch as it provides a very welcomed break and is a sociable and relaxing time ,which takes place within home comforts  away from the working studio.

So if you can bring what you would like to eat as a savoury dish we can warm it in the oven or microwave it while you are in the studio. Some may want to share a dish. The table will be laid out pleasantly  as usual with cutlery plates, glasses, salads and bread etc so as to avoid the prospect or sight of everyone eating out of sandwich boxes!

Refreshments. Coffee ,teas and biscuits will still be freely available through out the day.

Futher Course Work


Local Art Materials http://www.oldforest.co.uk/art-supplies-hayonwye.asp