Weekend Life Class 3

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Saturday 9th November, 2024
Monday 11th November, 2024
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Weekend Life Class 3

Weekend Life Class 3   November 9,10 &11  (Sat-Mon)

Weekend Life class 3 starts with a full day of drawing from quick poses to longer ones. Experimentation with  different materials will be encouraged  ranging from dry methods  to wet using materials such as charcoal, soluble graphite and ink . Saturday and Sunday will consist of longer poses to accommodate those painting. The mornings of Sunday and Monday  will have he same pose . The afternoons will ave a different pose. Thereforethe duration of each pose will be 5 hours.

Drawing is encouraged as much as painting so the long sessions suit both and allow time for some substantial and intense work.  Tasks will be set but instruction is mostly on a one-to-one basis and tailored to individual needs and experiences. Some of those attending will have been before, therefore it’s a matter of developing everyones’ work to a further stage.


Weekend Life Class (3)  is suitable for intermediates and advanced. Some experience with working from the figure istherefore helpful.

Examples of  work produced on Weekend Life Classe  scroll down. Also visit our gallery of life paintings and drawings .


Back view of model in' studio during a Weekend Life Class Skylights and shafts of sun

Studio and model



Weekend Life Class. .Beautiful and fluid painting of a nude female's back.

painting by Liz Owens

painting of female back. Reclining during a weekend life class at Art Courses Wales

painting/drawing by Mathew Walters


Weekend Life Class Standing Female figure using collage and paint


Sian painting a figure with blue background on a weekend life class at art courses Wales

Painting by Sian Chaloner












Quick 3 minute drawing during Weekend Life Class at ArtCoursesWales

drawing by Anna Polya


Art Courses Wales .Robust tall standing male figure during a weekend life class

Painting by Nick Weavers

 female standing on one leg during weekend life class at Art Courses Wales

painting /drawing by Mathew Walters


Materials. We have easels ,work stations, large sheets of paper, drawing materials and various paints including oils. You can use oil paints for £8 a day. Otherwise bring materials of your choice. The studio is fully equipped with  8 studio easels, work stations and drawing boards and clips

Booking   To reserve a place requires a deposit 0f  £75 .  Then the final payment is due on  the 9th October,  one month before the course starting.

Our lunches are outsourced  to an award winning chef called  Gavin Kellett who provides us with very wholesome  and delicious vegetarian soups which are different on all days. Then there is locally baked bread, baked potatoes, plus salads and fruit. If you have dietary requirements please let us know.The table is laid out pleasantly in our spacious dinning room. Lunch  provides a very welcomed break. It is a  friendly and relaxing time away from the working studio.

Refreshments:  Coffee, teas and biscuits are freely available throughout the day.