Tutorial Workshops

The Tutorial Workshops started in 2014. There are 6 to the group and we meet at Niel Bally’s studio every 6  weeks for a crit to discuss our work. Some members have been attending for the the last 4 years while others have joined later The workshops are a point of contact for those working from home who are not necessarily attached to a college.

Below you will see examples of the groups work. In addition to this you can see more on the following websites

Deb Catesby :  https://www.debcatesby.co.uk/

Andy Thornley :  http://www.andythornleyartist.com/

Niel Bally :  https://artcourseswales.com/meet-tutor/


EXHIBITION : 20th – 29th of April . The Chapel Bromyard. You are welcome 

for details:-  http://thechapelbromyard.com/upcoming-exhibitions.html

This is the first time the group have exhibited together.