Tutorial Workshops


The Tutorial Workshops started in 2014. There are  now 11 to the group and we meet at the  studio every 6  weeks for a “crit”  to discuss our work. Some members have been attending since 2014 while others have joined recently or  in the last few years

Below you will see some examples of the group’s work past and present. In addition to this you can see more on the following websites


Deb Catesby :  https://www.debcatesby.co.uk/

Andy Thornley :  http://www.andythornleyartist.com/

Niel Bally :  https://artcourseswales.com/meet-tutor/



2023 Found Gallery.  November 18th -December 11th. ( At present the Group is working towards this show. Please watch this space.

In 2018  The group held an EXHIBITION  in April at the Chapel Bromyard.

2023 . October 18- November 18.  The group are  holding an exhibition in Brecon at the Found Gallery https://www.foundgallery.co.uk