Still life painting  in a traditional  way can seem dull with a predictable set of objects such as a skull and bible, bottle of wine and a peeled onion. We will not be dealing with such clichés  on this 3 day course.  Any surface or object can make up a still life. It comes with a vast repertoire and rich history. Some would  argue that some of the greatest advances in modern art were due to this idiom. You only need to consider its importance to Cezanne, Cubism, and the development of many contemporary artists. During the course we will look at its history and works by well-known artists such as, Cezanne . Picasso , Braque , Gris , Paul Nash, Ivon Hitchens, Mary Fedden, Richard Diebenkorn , Giorgio Morandi, William Scott, William, Ben and Winfred Nicholson and others.

Still life painting is is a kind of visual poetry offering endless opportunities  to experiment  and explore the world closely using surfaces, natural forms, objects and light.   Some artists have painted  and worked from nothing else  as the idiom  has so much to offer. The course aims to  reveal some of these approaches and possibilities with the purpose of helping you find your own way.
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There will be a large selection of  made made objects and natural forms including spring flowers. You will be asked to bring things of your choice as well.  We will aim to develop at least 3 pieces of work each. These could be a mix of drawings, paintings or collages.


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