Monoprinting Workshop

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Saturday 8th June, 2019
Monday 10th June, 2019
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Monoprinting Workshop


The monoprinting workshop is open for 3 days. Discounts and priority are  given to those booking for 3 days.  You are welcome  to book  for one  or two days if spaces are available.  If you have not tried printmaking then monoprinting is the  simplest way of starting and learning the principles. It is much more  direct and less technical than etching or lithography. Essentially its is just another way of painting or drawing. Two or three  days can produce as many as ten or more individual works. The working process of monoprinting  is spontaneous and the results are refreshing and  inspiring. The nature of the process  lends itself to experiment and exploration which in turn cam then inform your painting and drawing  practice.

Visit  Gallery  to see a wide range of monoprinting course work

Fees :

£73 per day .This includes some basic materials lunch and refreshments. One tutor and an assistant.

The Process :
Monoprinting processes are not complicated. We will be using a printing press. Oil paint is the main medium. The printing plate is a perspex sheet which you apply paint to  in a variety of  different ways using brushes ,rollers,spraying, templates, stencils etc. Good quality printing paper dampened.  Then you lay paper  on the worked perspex sheet and roll both through the press. You will be helped and  guided through all these processes.

Subject matter:

This is flexible. The work could be entirely abstract. You could also bring any work  studies or photographs that you wish to develop and   experiment with. The studio will have still-life  material on hand as well. Please phone if you would like any advice on what to bring or and what to work from.

Materials to bring :

Provided it is flat  and not sharp you can use almost anything to make a for monoprinting  imprint .  Car parts,  gaskets, cardboard,  embossed wallpaper, mesh, leaves, plants, flowers   clothes  etc. You can then use these objects to make images and textures. So if you are coming on the course, or thinking about its best to leave an open mind.   Start looking for  items with a potential of making interesting textures or imagery.  Basically it comes down to anything that is flat and will not damage the press rollers.

Materials provided :

Perspex plates with  up to 5 sheets of top quality printing paper are included in the fee.  More paper can be purchased. Studio oil paints can be used at a charge of £4 a day. If you have your own brushes and oil paints please bring them along.

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