Fees, Discounts & Vouchers

Please note . The fees  quoted below have remained since 2015. However there will be a small increase starting on February 3rd 2018. You will find the new fee structure quoted in the calendar and on individual courses. 

Courses vary  from 1 to 5  days  and run from 10 am – 4pm.

There are  15%  discounts for “early bird ” bookings and   bone fide  students 

Therefore  fees can range from  £42 to £75 a day and this includes  tuition, all facilities, lunch and refreshments.

Eight is the maximum to a class. Class sizes are  small so we can  ensure that everyone will  benefit  from a good amount  individual instruction and help.

Standard rates ( until December 2017.)

Life painting                                                £65 per day.

Portrait courses with two models.             £75 per day

Colour Course  (materials supplied )       £65 per day  (materials included )

Still Life                                                    £65 per day

Landscape                                               £55 per day

Monoprinting (materials supplied)           £65  per day


Early Bird Bookings. There are four early bird places reserved on each course which  carrying a 15% discount.

15% discount for bone fide art students and sixth form  students.

15% discount after booking more than 8 days in any one  term.

Landscape Workshop ( 5 days) :  15% discount for booking 5 days

Last Minute Cancellations:  These can facilitate up to  35 % discounts. Check the postings on the front page and put yourself on the waiting list.


Gift vouchers are a very popular way of giving a surprise present and encouraging someone to paint and draw. We will send you a voucher card made out to the person you are gifting. You can buy as many days as you wish and the recipient can choose  whatever courses they want to come on.

Booking Terms

1.To reserve a place on any course please pay a  £25 deposit for each day. At the same time please include   a post-dated cheque for the remaining balance.  Post dated cheques should be dated three weeks in advance of the course starting date.

2.The deposit is not refundable but can be transferred to another course  provided 3 weeks notice is given prior to the course starting.

3.If you cancel before the three weeks of the course starting., then the post- dated cheque will not be cashed.

4  If you cancel less than three weeks  in advance of the course start date ,  then you are liable for the full fees unless your place is taken by someone else.

5. In the event of a  course having to be cancelled  then we will refund your  deposits and fees or alternatively you can  transfer your fees  and deposit to another course .

Payment by cheque/post

Please send two cheques  the deposit  Is £25 for each day and is for immediate payment. The second cheque is  the balance on the fees and please postdates it to  3 weeks in advance of the course beginning.   Cheques are payable to  NIEL .BALLY  Taflod Wernfawr Talgarth Brecon  LD3 0DY.

Bank Transfers / on-line payments

Please transact  a deposit  giving your name  in capital letters so that I can identify your payment. For bank details please use this link .